KANAKO YOKOTA (JAPAN) is originally from Sendai, Japan. She began her modern dance and ballet training at her mother's studio. She graduated from Japan Women's College of Physical Education. She moved in New York under the auspices of a Japanese Government Studies Abroad Program by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2009. 


JAIME SHANNON (USA) began her dance training at the age of four in her hometown of Milford, CT.  In 2006 she received her BA in dance from Hofstra University where she studied with Lance Westergard, Stormy Brandenberger, Robin Becker, Carla Wolfangle, Rachel List, and Amy Marshall. Jaime currently performs with Azul Dance Theatre, Dance Cat-Alyst, and Soluq Dance Theater.


SAIOA LOPEZ (SPAIN) is originally from Spain. She graduated from Scaena Carmen Roche Conservatory and became a member of Ballet Carmen Roche in Madrid. She performed with OUI Danse, Periapsis Music and Dance, Oliva Contemporary Dance Project, DeMa Dance Company, and Alessandra Giamballi’s Project. She is a member of BASO (Baila Society Sophistication in Salsa) and Peridance Contemporary Dance Company. She has been with Azul Dance Theatre since 2014.


AKANE KOIZUMI (JAPAN) is originally from Yokohama, Japan. She had trained in ballet at Midori Moriya Ballet studio since age of 6. In 2014, she came to NY to study ballet, contemporary, and modern dance at Peridance Capezio Center Certificate Program. This is her second season with Azul Dance Theatre.


GAWON YOO (KOREA) was born and raised in Korea. After she graduated from Gwangiu Arts High School, she received her BA (2009) and MA (2013) from Kyung Hee University. She currently teaches Modern dance at Seoul Tanz Station, Kyung Hee University, and Dong-Seoul University. She is also a director of [The Re:born] project.


THEA BAUTISTA (USA) is a French, Mexican, and American dancer and choreographer. Thea studied dance and music at Maurice Ravel Conservatory in Paris. She moved to New York in 2014, and graduated from Peridance Capezio Center Certificate Program in 2016. She has worked with renowned choreographers, such as Charlotta Ofverholm, Milton Myers, Ronald K. Brown, Catherina Raga, and Shawn Bible. She currently dances for iKADA Contemporary Dance Company, and Althea Dance Company.


SARAH LE GUENNO (FRANCE) is a contemporary dancer from Brittany, France. She began her dance at the age of four at Valerie Martie Dance School, and continued her training in various dance styles: Modern, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Contemporary. She studied at the dance programs at Danceworks Studio (London,) and Peridance Capezio Center (New York.) Sarah currently works with Althea Dance Company, Shawn Bible, and Diego Funes.


TSUYOSHI WATANABE (JAPAN) is a all-round dancer from Nagoya, Japan. He studied Theater Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Tap, House, and Hip-Hop at Nagoya School of Music. Before he moved to New York, he performed at Universal Studio Japan for 2 years. This is his first season with Azul Dance Theatre.